General Membership Program | Spring 2020

Welcome to Data Science Society at Berkeley’s very General Membership program! Our program provides students with a unique opportunity to receive mentorship and learn data science skills while working in teams of 4-5 people of similar skill level on a project of their choice. Over the span of 12 weeks, teams go through the entire data science lifecycle and present their project at the end of the semester in UC Berkeley's Research Symposium.



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Week Date Lecture Level 1 Lecture Levels 2 and 3
Wednesday, 2/12/20 Welcome Night! Welcome Night!
Monday, 2/24/20 Checkpoint: Jupyter Notebook + Anaconda + Python Basics (Numpy and Pandas)
(Slides) (Notebook)
Checkpoint: In-Depth Pandas + Intro to Project Development
Monday, 3/2/20 Pandas, Visualization - Part 1
(Slides) (Notebook) (Reference Sheet)
Data Cleaning
(Slides) (Notebook)
Monday, 3/9/20 Visualizations - Part 2
(Slides) (Notebook)
(Slides) (Notebook)
Monday, 3/16/20 Introduction to Hypothesis Testing
(Slides) (Notebook) (Recording)
Types of Hypothesis Testing, AB Testing
(Slides) (Notebook)
Monday, 3/30/20 Introduction to Machine Learning

Checkpoint: EDA + Visualizations + Hypothesis Ideas
(Slides) (Notebook) (Recording)
Types of Machine Learning Models

Checkpoint: EDA + Visualizations + Hypothesis Ideas
(Slides) (Notebook)
7 Monday, 4/6/20 Machine Learning Models and Libraries
(Slides) (Notebook) (Recording)
Machine Learning Model Quality + Advanced Metrics
Monday, 4/13/20 How to Draw Conclusions Checkpoint: Hypothesis Test + Applicable Modeling
Monday, 4/20/20 How to Present Your Project + Examples
Checkpoint: Wrap-Up + Conclusions + Presentation
Monday, 4/27/20 Presentation Week

DSS Academic Development Staff


Anjali Unnithan

Tanvee Desai

Yuyang Zhong

Committee Members

Kevin Chai
Kevin is a sophomore studying computer science. He likes long walks on the beach and going on tik tok. He also HATES CS70.

Stephanie Lu
Stephanie is a third-year from Seattle studying data science. She loves dance, food, and cosmetics/skincare!

Ingrid Chien
Ingrid is a first-year studying data science and economics. She loves dancing, singing, and playing the violin. In her free time, she vibes to krnb while planning her next travel plans. If you can’t find her, she is probably eating out or getting boba.

Alleanna Clark
Alleanna is a third-year studying data science with an emphasis in human and population health. She manages the cal women’s water polo team and enjoys going to concerts and hanging out with her sisters.

Roshan Lodha
Roshan is a junior studying biochemistry & MCB and computer science. He loves to play tennis and soccer, and dabbles in cooking.

Sydnie Zanone
Sydnie is a second-year studying computer science. In her free time, she enjoys practicing the piano, trying out new foods around Berkeley, and watching Disney movies!

Anita Shen
Anita is a second-year computer science major from Irvine, CA. She enjoys going through dog meme pages, dancing, singing, and eating dessert. Hit her up for good dessert recommendations! ٩(^ᴗ^)۶

Armine Nersisyan
Armine is a third-year studying data science and sociology. She enjoys late night drives with friends, making Spotify playlists, and watching Kevin Hart’s special on Netflix.

Safwan Masood
Saf is a freshman pursuing a double major in data Science and economics. He hails from a small town in Maryland right outside of Washington DC. He loves sports, cars, hiking, shooting hoops at the RSF, and trying new food places.

Steven Chen
Steven is a first-year studying computer science. He enjoys grabbing food with friends, watching korean dramas, and scrolling aimlessly through Subtle Asian Traits. Spotify is his life source.

Prannay Pradeep
Prannay is a freshman majoring in EECS. He loves watching sports, movies, and Youtube. He's super excited to lead GM activities as a part of DSS this semester!

Eshaan Soman
Eshaan is a second-year studying economics.