About DSS @ Berkeley

DSS @ Berkeley is a group of undergraduate students at UC Berkeley focused on helping promote Data Science on campus. Our mission is to foster a data science community through educational workshops, professional events, and analytics projects.

What We Do

DSS @ Berkeley has three committees and two internal teams to help promote our mission:

Academic Development | Hosts a variety of educational workshops open to all skill levels and students.

Analytics | Works with both corporations on consulting-style projects, and with Data Science researchers.

Decal | Expands the data science education for UC Berkeley students beyond our workshops.

Career Development | Organizes professional development opportunities that allow UC Berkeley students to connect with industry leaders in Data Science.

Culture | Brings the Data Science community at Berkeley together through social events.

How You Can Get Involved

Our application season starts at the beginning of each semester. We’ll be frequently updating our website to reflect any upcoming recruiting events. There are three ways for you to be apart of the DSS @ Berkeley family:

Apply to be in a committee | Apply to be either on our Academic Development, Career Development, or Decal committees to gain practical experience and hands-on data science skills.

Apply to be on a team | Other aspects of DSS include our Career Development and Culture teams, which work on developing the internal structure of the club. Indicate your interest on your application!

Apply to be on a project | You can apply to be on one of the projects as part of the Analytics committee, or work on a personal project through the general member program. This will be a semester long commitment and you’ll get to work on real-world projects.

DSS@B is supported by DataCamp, the most intuitive learning platform for data science. All DSS@B members will have free access to this resource for all skill levels to learn various topics in data science.

Academic Development Committee

Directed by Shalini Kunapuli & Krutika Ingale

The Academic Development ("Acadev") Committee provides educational resources for DSS@Berkeley members as well as anyone interested in learning about data science. Acadev members will teach several workshops throughout the semester covering data science tools such as Python, R, SQL, and more. In addition, Acadev members will serve as mentors for the general members who will be taking on group data science projects; this will be an opportunity for Acadev members to contribute their knowledge and experience to those who may be new to the world of hands-on data science. Prior teaching experience is not required.

Analytics Committee

Directed by Alex Nakagawa

"Practice till you become perfect", a wise person once said. Truer words have never been spoken. The Analytics Committee allows UC Berkeley undergraduate students to practise data science in their quest for excellence, through the various projects housed in the Analytics Committee. We have a wide range of projects, each using different sets of analytical approaches, including but not limited to: monte carlo simulations, statistical machine learning, deep learning, etc. We welcome students with a diversity of backgrounds and skillsets, as we believe that a diversity of perspectives is crucial to success in data science projects.

Career Development Team

Directed by Emeri Zhang

The Career Development Committee aims to help students pursue a career in data science. Our two major events throughout the year are the: annual Berkeley Data Science Panel in November and Berkeley Data Science Forum in April. Both are great opportunities to get to know and talk to representatives of industry. Committee members will personally reach out to speakers, get firsthand experience in networking with them, and help DSS facilitate the Career Center to host Info Sessions and potential Career Fairs. We're looking for organized, committed, and passionate people who are interested in data science to help make these events possible.

Culture Team

Directed by Annie Cui

The Culture Committee aims to create a fun and inclusive environment for DSS members. Committee members will plan and host social events throughout the semester, like Super Smash night, Club Dinners, Ice Blocking, Study Hours, and Alumni panels. In addition, committee members will be the main drivers of the DSS Family System; they will plan events for a smaller group of DSS members, their "family," and facilitate their family’s bonding. The Committee will work closely with the VP of Finance and Internal Vice President to plan the two major social events of the semester: Welcome Night & New Semester Retreat and Banquet.

Decal Committee

Directed by Muskaan Goyal

DSS @ Berkeley’s DeCal team is committed to expanding the data science education for UC Berkeley students. We believe that everyone, regardless of their interests, should be given a chance to learn these skills and apply it their respective fields. The way that our DeCal team specifically strives towards this goal is through the facilitation, coordination, and execution of our semester-long DeCal. If these aspects align with yours, do not hesitate to apply.